Join me as I sit down with AWS Don Barber on why he built AWS DeepRacer Virtual LIVE Event Racing.

Back in March 2020 when everyone was affected by the lockdown I started working on AWS UndergroundDeepRacer events. Hosting physical races in my basement for the DeepRacer Community and streaming them LIVE.

While I was doing that, Don Barber (AWS Sr. SA) build a Virtual Live Event Racing platform to host “Summit” type events.

Watch the video to find out the answers to:

  • What is AWS DeepRacer VLE?
  • Do I deploy or spin it up in my own account and how much does it cost?
  • Any Support
  • How can someone get started?
  • Any limitations?
  • Can I customize the race?
  • Head to Head or Evo Racing?
  • Roadmap items or new features? HINT: Racing bracket for Championship style racing

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If you’re interested in running AWS DeepRacer Virtual LIVE event for a community race, your company, and/or customer event see below.

Contact your AWS Representative, use the AWS Contact US form , orย  join the AWS DeepRacer Slack Community to get connected.