It’s official, the first ever AWS Underground DeepRacer Event #1 is in the books!

Thanks to the support of PTP  (Aaron Jeskey for A/V) and David Smith it was a success, but not without some technical issues that will be resolved before the next events.

Note: Audio issues should be resolved by Monday as we work to improve our “Underground Event”.

If you aren’t familiar with who David Smith is, he was the all star TrackBoss at re:invent 2019. His rise to fame came when the DeepRacer tripped him during the championship race. Have a look:

We started the event right away but then lost some audio. I was streaming to Aaron (PTP) and he was sending that stream to their twitch channel. We resolved that issue within 10 minutes. I think I tried to entertain them by doing some stand-up comedy impressions or dancing. Not sure if people were amused or not. I’d have to go back and read the channel chat.

PTP Twitch Channel

A huge shoutout to my wife for the DeepRacer/Pit Crew t-shirts for my kids. And the awesome job they did chasing the cars. I think my son had too much fun falling around that I had them put on their sticky socks. Trust me, they definitely got some Oreo’s and snacks to support all their hardwork.

Success of the modify Underground DeepRacer track came early around the 11:49 minute mark with @BatGlenn13’s time coming in around 19.30. If you look at the leaderboard (below), he beat out DBro in the beginning of our event at 4th. Underground rules are: If we have time to race additional models, we will but only 1 counts.

Fast forward till the 22 minute mark was proof that this modified track stood up to the racers models. LIT_PMAC’s model really got the excitement going when we were able to get in 17 laps within the 3 minute period and it recorded at that time, the fastest time!

Since we had technical difficulties to start the race, we decided to continue past an hour and I’m glad we did because we would have missed a record breaking race! We decided to run @iam_dbro’s #2 model and out of the 3 minutes of racing, I think the car went off the track 3 times, for a total of 23 laps and recorded a 7.030 (check out the twitch video for 1:04 minute mark).

Top 3 from Event 1 are from Liberty IT

This was an exciting event and I can’t wait for Event #2 happening on Monday 5/4/2020. If you want to register for the remaining events, here’s the link:

PTP AWS Underground DeepRacer Registration

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