AWS #UndergroundDeepRacer was a success!

This event was a huge success thanks to a number of people supporting it the whole time.

Time to recap a little bit. 3 weeks ago I contacted a partner (PTP) and asked them if they would be willing to send me their DeepRacer track. Immediately, they were excited and sent their track. Not only were they willing to loan their track to me, they also wanted to help out and we hashed out a plan to put together the first AWS UndergroundDeepRacer event.

My appreciation goes out to:

Thank you

  • PTP for all the hard work and making this a success and sponsoring 1st place Amazon Echo Show (Ethan & Gary).
    • A special thanks to Aaron Jeskey from PTP for all his A/V help and extra time he’s put in for this event.
  • Also, we couldn’t have a real AWS DeepRacer event without the re:invent Track Boss himself, David Smith (@davidfsmith)
  • AWS and the DeepRacer team for sponsoring the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place AWS Credits.
  • Finally, I would like to thank my awesome Pit Crew, my kids and my wife for supporting me during this crazy event.

Let’s recap our events from the beginning. How did we end up streaming to PTP’s Twitch account. Well, I streamed my camera feed to Aaron’s RTMP server and he sent it to their Twitch channel. It’s really that simple.

Event #1

The very first #AWS #UndergroundDeepRacer event, we had a record breaking time of 7.030! and also worked out some audio issues in the beginning.

This was our test run to figure out the logistics on how we should run the race from start to finish and to give my Pit Crew a chance to understand how it works.

I’m very pleased on how it went overall. We had a 10 minute delay in the beginning due to some audio issues, which were quickly resolved. Then it was race time!




Event #2

In our second event we had a guest join us, AWS Chief Evangelist, Jeff Barr who fully supports AWS DeepRacer events.

Great picture of my Pit Crew in action!

  1. lyndon
  2. polish thunder
  3. Mayur


With a name like Polish Thunder, I thought they were going to place in the Top 3.

Today was a little lighter on participants but we were able to improve on the audio quality since I switched to a bluetooth headset.

Event #3

Event #3 we only had a few participants that raced but take note to jj1’s time of 23.530 seconds. We raced his model in the finals and wait till you see the improvement on his time. The model he ran during event #3 went through three (3) more versions before championship.

Since this was an #UndergroundDeepRacer event. We allowed those who didn’t qualify in the previous races to run their model again in the next event if we didn’t have enough participants. Our #6 place finisher (Alexander_Lenk) didn’t qualify in event #3 but as we move onto event #4 look at the improvement of his model.



Event #4/5


Matt-test came in first place for his model in our 4th and final event, it was funny seeing Matt’s reaction on Twitter when we announced him. Since his last name is NOT “Test”.

I know you are saying “I thought there were five (5) qualifying events”. Well we planned to have five (5) events but we only had 1.5 weeks of social media posts and to gain visibility. So we limited it to four (4) events and the Top 3 people from each event gave us 12 AWS Underground DeepRacer participants for the championship.




Championship Race

During Event #4, it was a bright and sunny day. The lighting was playing havoc on the race track so I spent two(2) hours the day before the race and another two before race time making modifications to the lighting and testing models before the race. Race Day we kicked off the race with those who qualified with the fastest time in the previous races.

Right in the middle of the championship race, AWS Chief Evangelist, Jeff Barr joined for a second time to show his support for our AWS Underground DeepRacer Championship Event (wow, that’s a mouth full). If you’ve ever met Jeff, he’s really cool, down to Earth, and he enjoys events helping out and supporting our end user community.


Right from the start we had the fastest time recorded on our Underground DeepRacer Track, dbro with 6.630 but soon to follow we thought LIT_PMAC was going to beat him. I kept cranking up the speed to see if I could beat the previous time but I wasn’t successful.

Something we found pretty cool was jj4 cut his time in half during the championship and should be really proud of the model. 95% of the participants improved their time from four (4) seconds up to 11 seconds.

Our Third (3) place finisher AlexLenk shared an awesome post on his experience and events.

Alex’s Post on Underground DeepRace Events

GoPro Camera strapped to the top of a DeepRacer

Of course we had to have a little fun so I hooked up my GoPro camera to the top of the DeepRacer and ran a model around ahead of time to test the track and the lighting. Listen to the last few laps when the cars tires squeal into the first turn.