Wondering how to get involved and race models on the AWS UndergroundDeepRacer Track?

AWS UndergroundDeepRacer is a place where the AWS Community can race their models on a physical track. Right now we are only racing the first version but we are planning to race the NEW Evo’s in the next two weeks.

We host all types of events from Community Races, Internal AWS events, to partner lead events. The track was donated by PTP (Pinnacle Technology Partners) and we are getting good use out of it. We are running a 2018 re:invent narrow track with a slight modification to the second turn, in total the track is approximately 4 feet shorter than the full 2018 re:invent narrow track.

Follow us on Twitch and YouTube when we go LIVE.

Interested in racing on a physical track? Request to join the AWS Machine Learning Community Slack Channel

Race Rules:

  • 2-3 Minutes Per Racer
  • Models need to be received a day ahead of time and will be called out in the slack channel
  • Unlimited resets
  • Have Fun!

Default Racing Strategy unless specified by participant

  • 1st Minute of racing will be used to successfully perform a lap or consecutive laps
    • This will allow the person racing the model to get a feel for how well it performs
  • After the 1st minute the speed will be increased slowly in order to improve lap time
  • Last 30-40 seconds will be used to competitively achieve the best lap time possible

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