There isn’t anything normal about our current situation. If you’ve see my latest webinar with Jeff Barr and Corey Quinn, you know we dedicated half of our episode to Effectively Working from home. In order to do that, Jeff said it best “We need to admit the current situation that we are in and that it’s a tough time for all of us”. I couldn’t agree more.

Say to yourself that its ok to be:

  • Confused
  • Uncertain
  • Emotional
  • Sad, Unhappy
  • Needing a social fix

Guess what, you aren’t in this alone. Everyone is going through the same thing. Right now it is probably week five for everyone. The first two weeks the kids were getting adjusted to their schedules and then schools decided to do virtual assignments. It took another two weeks for use to get adjusted and juggling work, homework, and social distancing. Those at work who are use to going into the office everyday are probably effected the most since it was a quick unexpected change. I’ve been working from home for the last 4-5 years and it took some time for me to get use to this sudden change.

By now, all of us realize that this situation isn’t ending until May, whether it’s the beginning of May or the end, who knows. It is time we start to get ourselves into a new routine, figure out new ways to do things, learn new things during this time.

Here are my thoughts or suggestions when it comes effectively working from home in general and during this time.

  • Get up with a purpose

Your routine use to look something like this, get up, shower, pack a lunch, and/or gets the kids ready for school. Now that you find yourself working from home, what’s the point of getting ready and why should I get up as early as I did before? Not like anyone is going to see you and if you need to jump on a video call, you think, I’ll just throw on a clean shirt.

Get up as if you’re still going to work prepares you for your day. You have a purpose to make the most out of the day, which leads me to my next topic.

  • Develop a new routine

By now, we have developed new routines, some good and some of bad. If you have kids, you are juggling work and playing teacher. Letting the kids watch more TV than you’d like just so you can get some work done and feel productive.

The good news, is we are all in the same situation. Meaning everyone is going through something similar and they are more understandable. If you’re like me, you are use to going out to the gym or working out numerous times a week. I’ve been challenged with coming up with a new routine for my workouts, including virtual workouts for my team mates.

  • Shutdown at the end of work which includes emails, laptop, phones. Disconnect.

This is one of the more important items. DISCONNECT!! Just because you are at home and readily available, you do not need to prove you are working. Start your day at normal time and end your day like normal. I know its hard and sometimes you have to take a call or email after hours, those occasions are acceptable but don’t make them the norm.

  • Study something new

  • Ask yourself, when this is over, what will I have accomplished?

These two go hand in hand. Now that we are in a new routine, why not use this time wisely? Jump right in and study or learn something new. Start a new blog, learn a new skills, read a book. Make use of the time provided.

The biggest thing I’ve learned from others is, admit the situation that we are in, don’t ignore it but don’t harp on it either.

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