Over the last month Mai-Lan and I were working on a 3 part mini-series around Amazon S3.

In our first Episode, we found out some interesting things personally about Mai-lan, from a forestry volunteer to a recreational boxer and we started to just scratch the surface of Amazon Storage. If you want to catch up on Episode #1.

In Episode #2 is where we started to Dive Deep on Data Explosion and using Amazon S3 for diverse workloads.

In our final episode (Episode #3), which was probable the most in-depth one on Amazon Storage, Mai-lan and I talked about

šŸ’„ Modern Data Architecture
šŸ’„ Amazon S3 Access Points
šŸ’„ and my last pop quiz to name all S3 storage classes, which by the way Mai-lan passed with flying colors.

What Questions did we ask?

  • There have been a number of news stories recently about AWS customers having sensitive data exposed because their Amazon S3 buckets were configured to allow public access ā€“ why does this keep happening?
  • What can customers do to help ensure they do not inadvertently expose data by misconfiguring an Amazon S3 bucket?
  • What is Mai-Lan Tomsen most proud of in the last 10 years at Amazon?
    • What did she predict, and what was a surprise?
      • What are some predictions for the next 10 years?
  • How does working with big customers like Netflix help the every day experience of smaller customers whom have very different needs?
  • What are some ways I could save cost with all the data Iā€™m storing in Amazon S3?

If you’re looking for a quick read on all 3 episodes. Check out my blog post on AWS here