Welcome to The AWS Blogger. I am Jon Myer, the creator, and the guy creating content and blogging behind the scenes.  But don't let that fool you; there's a lot about me to learn. I'm a father, husband and I am a Partner Solutions Architect for Cloud Management Tools at AWS.

I'm an evangelist for all things AWS, OBS Ninja, YouTube and passionate about educating, teaching, and connecting with others.

Blogger Chats

Blogger Chat with Steve Seguin on OBS Ninja Release v14

By Jon Myer | January 1, 2021

Join us as Steve Seguin goes over some of the new features released with OBS Ninja version 14. 🔸 Guest labels 🔸 Remote mute guests 🔸 Reworked audio pipeline (compressor, limiter, EQ) 🔸 Improved reconnection logic 🔸 Raise hand feature 🔸 Audio activity indicator 🔸 and not to mention my favorite the chat popout OBS.ninja

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LIVE Podcast with Francessca Vasquez, Head of AWS Solutions Architecture

By Jon Myer | November 29, 2020

Francessca is the Head of Amazon Web Services Solutions Architecture. What are we going to chat about: 🔸 ISV (Integrated Software Venders) Partners & investing in them 🔸 Innovation 🔸 Builders 🔸 Why are customers choosing AWS? 🔸 Current Trends in the industry She and her team focus on enabling customer business outcomes and acquisition…

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Streaming using OBS.ninja with AWS WorkSpaces & OBS

By Jon Myer | July 28, 2020

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything. I’ve been doing a lot more streaming and content creating lately that, well lets face it, I don’t have a good excuse. I…

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AWS Twitch UndergroundDeepRacer Events Including EVOs

By Jon Myer | July 28, 2020

AWS DeepRacer Wondering how to get involved and race models on the AWS UndergroundDeepRacer Track? AWS UndergroundDeepRacer is a place the AWS Community can race their models on a physical…

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My first blog using my new website.

By Jon Myer | March 17, 2020

When I first thought about starting a “blogging” website I was thinking of posting on another social media platform. But then I wanted to be able to post what I wanted and format it the way I seen fit. I decided to build a WordPress site and I felt what better place than the company…

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