It seems that I’m involved in a number of webinars lately. This past week I had a great time participating in a discussion with nOps and Uber ATG about how they utilized nOps SaaS tool to gain visibility into their AWS Spend. Cost savings or optimization is a big topic right now and doubling down on cost savings tools is the right approach.

What I found interesting is how much Uber ATG is using AWS Best Practices which include properly tagging their resources. Something as simple as tagging your infrastructure when it is built or deployed can save you cost in the long run. Not only can you run reports within the AWS Console based off tags to see what resources are costing you the most money but Uber ATG is automatically tagging resources with the owners email address. Then within nOps they setup automatic notification to the owner tag about used/unused resources.

Another area that they focused on was the growth of specific AWS Resources. An example would be if their Amazon VPC usage went up by 150% why? It might be an area to look at and predict a trend for spend or clean up unused resources.

Check out the webinar on-demand below


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