Every Wednesday starting May 27th @ 11am EST

AWS #UndergroundDeepRacer Event Rules and Guidelines

Track: re:invent 2018 Narrow

Disclaimer: This is meant to be fun and interactive. I will be racing your model on a real track and if you’ve seen our previous races, you know I’m competitive in every way.

Twitch channel: Twitch Channel HERE

Once the registration page is available the first 100 people to sign up will be selected.

Registration page: Register ASAP

Event Dates:ย  Every Wednesday starting May 27th @ 11am EST


  • Only one (1) winner per race for the fastest lap time
  • Five (5) to Ten (10) participants who registered will have their model raced on the track
  • Models need to be submitted five (5) hours ahead of race time using slack. DM only and not in a slack channel
  • Model labeling: <<FirstNameLastName>>.tar.gz
  • Race Time
    • Watch LIVE on Twitch
    • When it is your turn for the race we will post it in the twitch channel so you can watch it LIVE
    • You don’t have to be present to win or for your model to race.
    • 3 minutes per race
    • If you submit more than one model:
      • We will race one model
      • If there is enough time during the event we will race your other models
    • Unlimited resets
  • Racing times will be posted on the event leaderboard and shared out in the twitch channel

Basically regular AWS DeepRacer event rules apply.

If the AWS DeepRacer car has issues or stops working, we will pause your time and continue once it is functioning.


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