Virtual Career Fair – AWS Partners

Special thanks to all the partners and companies that jumped in last minute to help. Including my partner Turbot for hosting the meeting.

Spot / Turbot / Jefferson Frank / CloudCheckr / CloudAcademyAWS

After the first month of lockdown, I noticed in my social media feed, that people were losing their jobs. Most companies don’t want to lay anyone off and it’s a tough time for all of us. I wanted to do something to help but I didn’t know how. Until recently, I wasn’t big on streaming until I ran an #AWS #UndergroundDeepRacer event in my basement. Then I thought to myself, why not host a “Virtual Career Fair” with some of our AWS Partners? I’m sure some would be willing to help out. So, I posted on social media about doing an event and I received overwhelming support of people wanting to help!

Virtual Career Fair Timing

  • 11am = Introduction
  • 11:05 = Spot
  • 11:15 = Turbot
  • 11:25 = CloudCheckr
  • 11:35 = Jefferson Frank
  • 11:45 = NEWLY Added CloudAcademy
  • 11:55 = AWS Positions and Closing Remarks

List of AWS Positions OPEN within my team. DM me on Twitter and I might be able to refer you.